Winter Makeup: The 6 Most Sensual Colors You Should Wear This Fall Season

Written by Anum Sharf

Fall season initially make you think of all the warm and cozy things. When it comes to the makeup part it really gets difficult, because nobody really knows how to put on makeup in winters.

Winter makeup takes it indications from the components like metallic gold and earthy brown. But this year the makeup trend has changed and the element of surprise will definitely surprise you. The colors which are being listed below are appallingly edgy and cool, and nowhere near to warm and cozy.


Color Your Lips Cherry

Give your lips the cherry color this winter, shimmer, sheer, matte or gloss – they all are totally sensual and daring. You can pair a bold pink, redor cherry shade with nothing more than a neutral eyeshadow and thick coats of mascara.


Winter Makeup

 Don’t Like Cherry Color Your Lips Orange

Who says orange is only for summers, well this wild exotic summer shade is perfect for the lush and provoking autumn/fall season, you don’t really need to be all orangey, the rich creamy textures and peachy tones are perfect as well. Be the queen of brightness, pout your lips, and add some shimmer to the shade.


Burgundy Lipsticks

Burgundy And Currant Lips Are Sensual

Never tried a burgundy or currant shade before, then what you are waiting for, this winter the new trends are giving you a chance to experiment. The deep and dark reddish-purple shade can be hell intimidating.

The best way to apply burgundy shades is by giving your lips and outline with a matching lip-pencil, and after applying the lipstick soften it by rolling a cotton swab over the outer edges this will give it a more natural look. And if you aren’t ready to do five minutes hard work on your lips then apply a lip-gloss, but be ready to reapply it often in a day.

 Winter Makeup

Eyes Look More Stimulating With Teal & Purple Shade

Steady yourself as we are about to tell you something different, we are going to use the word “modest” for eye shades like teal and purple. With a light feather application, these shades are on the borders of modest look.

Winter Makeup

Nude Lips And Eyes

Nude eyes and lips are perfect for this winter makeup; chances are that you already own a small number of nude lipsticks and eye shadow.  The problem with nude shades is that they go unnoticed. But this winter the new trend of all-nude just requires the right approach for being noticed. Mix and match your 50 shades of nude, beige and earthy shades, layer them and then smudge them.

Red and Blue

Color Up Your Nails Blue And Red

The latest trend of nail art is just exploring new dimensions now and then. After you get your manicure this winter try being playful with these cools shades of red and blue.  Color your nail classic red and add shimmer or glitter to them, while the blues can range from electric blue to gray-blue.

So here you have the 6 most sensual colors you should wear this winter and stand out of the crowd.



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