Why you shouldn’t stop that workout just now?

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Written by Maryam Cheema

Coming home after a hectic day and barely getting a chance to even take a look in that mirror at yourself to keep a check on your growing out tummy or the potato you are becoming, is one of the biggest mistakes you are doing just right now! You won’t realize the amount of weight you have put on until that old favorite jeans won’t fit you anymore or that beautiful, expensive dress you bought from your favorite brand won’t be able to gather your overgrown size anymore.

By the time you have decided to work out for your own sake, the decision alone can’t help you my friend. Workout demands determination, consistency and just a little time. Here I am to let you know a few of the reasons that you should start workout right away and if have started then, why you shouldn’t give up on it and workout till you drop;

Now if you take a look at these individuals, familiar? They work the hell out of them to look like this.




No, I don’t want you guys to take a look at them and feel complexed about yourself, I want you to look at them and believe that these are actually the miracles of workout. You look young, well maintained and beautiful. Looks doesn’t matter as long as you are holding up the maintenance. However why you shouldn’t stop that workout is because:

  • Workout gives you all the liberty to be the singer of your own:

Favourite music up, weight down. That’s all.


  • Innovations and Workout:

Experimentation and workout are like cousins to each other. You can do whatever kind of workout you like but make sure it involves, muscle movement and sweating.


  • Energy and enthusiasm radiates:

Your efforts and energy would get along everybody, you, family and of course the pets. Who’d not want that?


  • The thinner the better:

And obviously, look who’s saying this “thinner is always better“, won’t you want to follow what he says?


  • Misguidance:

You would have plenty of thoughts discouraging you from wearing those beautiful joggers and go for a sprint or self made up assumptions like this:


These assumptions are utterly wrong!


So what are you waiting for? Wanna be the next Beckham beat him at the amount of workout he does and trust me you could do way better than all of this. Get up, hush the false presumptions, turn the music loud and start moving those muscles of yours. That’s how easy it is.






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Author is creative and has a special passion for photography. A freak who can totally drool on beautiful words. Loves writing and is currently pursuing her professional studies in applied biosciences from NUST.

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