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The Monal Restaurant – A Fine Bistro Not To Be Missed

Located among the majestic Margalla Hills at Pir Sohawa, The Monal is a fine diner which one shouldn’t miss if visiting Islamabad – the city of colors!

The Monal Restaurant

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Over the past few years, I have experienced many changes in the food quality at some leading restaurants of the twin cities; but The Monal Restaurant in Islamabad never disappointed me.

Starting from the variety in their menu to the quick service of the staff everything is consistent from day one. It appears that they have not only maintained their services but also achieved position among the top restaurants of the twin cities.

Keeping my feelings totally neutral, whenever I visited Monal, either over the weekends or week-days it is always jam-packed with people. Either completely filled or with less crowd, but what amazes me the most is that even on the fullest days the restaurant manages to pull their services well.

Having that said, let’s talk about food now. Just like most restaurants the menu is very long, including breakfast, lunch and dinner items, fast food, traditional dishes and drinks, sweet dishes etc.

My All-Time Favorite

But my all-time favorite is their quite popular Cheese Naan. I have never tasted such naan anywhere; the tender bread with the soft melted cheese excites your taste-buds leaving a creamy and salty effect which lasts for a while.


Services Of The Restaurant

Before I write more about the food items which I ordered the last time I visited them, I wanted to mention the excellent services provided by their waiters. They presented everything in an organized and professional manner, from placing the cutlery on the table to clearing out dishes for every course of meal. Plus during the three course meal they kept on asking us if we needed anything extra, which was very accommodating.

My Three Course Meal

I started off my meal with Chicken Corn Soup which was very delicious and was accompanied with fish crackers and garlic bread; the rich flavor of the soup was simply tantalizing. On the scale of ten I would give it 9 marks.

My order was followed with Chicken Boneless Handi, Chicken Seekh Kababs, and Chicken Chops served with crispy hot French fries. The handi was accompanied with Roghni Naan and Salad, the aroma of the handi was tempting, the chicken was well-cooked and the flavors of the creamy spicy gravy were exciting. The Seekh Kababs were tender and delicious with the proper balance of spices. Next was the scrumptious Chicken Chops, the chicken breast were perfectly cooked with a delicious and crispy coating. Overall the meal was beautifully cooked with accurate ingredients; on my scale I would give it 10/10.

To end this entire delicious meal I ordered my favorite dessert “Chocolate Cheese Brownie Cake”, the delicious combination of cheese and chocolate makes this dessert irresistible, served on a white plate there is a slice of brownie cake drizzled with chocolate syrup and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, which makes this dessert heavenly. On my scale I would have rated it more than 10 but anyways, this dessert is a definite must to try.

Ambience and Interior Of The Monal

How can I forget to mention the beautiful interior and exterior of the restaurant? While having a meal surroundings matters the most, a comfortable and appealing ambience always attracts the customer and makes them come back to the same place.

I always prefer to sit outside at Monal and enjoy the beautiful view of the whole Islamabad from the top of the Margalla Hills. The Monal offers a spectacular view of the entire Islamabad, as well as the amazing view of the Saidpur Village. The Monal Restaurant has seven terraces which provide an amazing vies of the capital city, each of these terraces has their own theme, there is a terrace for families, a general terrace, a balcony for those who want to find peace and solitude on the beautiful Margalla hills. The inner dining hall is also paneled with a huge glass window so that the people who are sitting inside can also have a good view of the majestic hills.

In the end, I would like to say I am glad the restaurant has maintained its reputation. People not only visit The Monal Restaurant for its mouth watering food and spectacular view, but they also prefer to celebrate their important occasions and life events at Monal restaurant. Over the years, this restaurant has made a special place in the hearts of the people of the twin cities which can be seen every night; the huge crowd of visitors proves their fondness of this restaurant.


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