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Iqra University, Islamabad has been arranging the “TECTIQS” event for the past three years. This year IUIC proudly presented the fourth exciting chapter “TECTIQS 14”.

From the very first TECTIQS event held in the year 2011, this event turned out to be a huge success due to an array of different competitions, technical and non-technical which brought out the best in a student.

TECTIQS was the innovation of three brilliant minds: Mr. Viqar Ahmed (professor at IUIC), Mr. Hassan Mirza and Mr. Farhan Baber (students at IUIC). These three gentlemen are the innovators of TECTIQS who started the legacy of this inspiring and exhilarating event.

The sweet melody of music, the bright sun in the sky, the dust in the air and the roar of the crowd, TECTIQS 14 started with two of the catchiest events “UNPLUGGED” a singing competition and “FUTSAL” for all the football fans. As we talked to some students from Iqra University they said “For Iqraians, TECTIQ is one platform where all departments come together and work in one direction”.

TECTIQS 14 comprised of many competitions as we mentioned earlier. From crime investigation, brain drain, Nautanki (dramatics), Unplugged (singing), fashion fiesta, speak-up, speed wiring, ad magic, speed programming, logic bees to math-a-matix, the list of the competitions was endless.

The Iqraians had something for everyone, so the list of competitions is quite long. But let’s not keep you waiting and begin with our TECTIQS 14 event.



Photo Credits – TECTIQS

On 20th November 2014 TECTIQS 14 began which started with the opening ceremony and guess who came to inaugurate this event. Any guesses? No! Well, here is the answer TECTIQS 14 was inaugurated by non-other than Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan the pride of Pakistan.

Day one was an amazing day with a walk in of over 2000 people, and 10 competitions happening in different slots of the day which included engineering, computer sciences, singing and debating. As Iqra University has a number of clubs of different fields, all of them put in their efforts for the success of this event.

As the sun set down on 20th November 2014, we assumed that the Iqraians and contestants from other universities must be tired, but to our surprise as we say in Urdu “Abhi toh picture baki hai mere dost” this statement really did happen.  The day did not end at 5pm according to our assumptions.

But the amazing part of the day just began around 6pm, when the famous drama “TUBE LIGHT EXPRESS” sequel “TUBE LIGHT 2” was performed which was managed by Miss. Sumaiya Safa , a remarkably hilarious performance by all the participants each one of them just blended into their characters and made the audience laughed and cheered. And so our TECTIQS 14 Day 1 ended.


TUBE LIGHT 2 Photo Credits – TECTIQS



Photo Credits – TECTIQS

The day 2 opened its eyes with a drama competition known as Nautanki hosted by the Dramatics club of Iqra University, where “IMRAN QAZMI” the producer of “Siya” and “SAMEER HAMDANI” the famous actor were the judges. The competition was more than awesome. Other than this “YASIR JASWAL” the famous film maker, director, singer a multi-talented person was seen judging the “AD MAGIC” competition.

E-gaming was one of the most attractive part, Fifa,COD4, Tekken and CS were offered for competition and there were more than 24 teams in each of them. The INTEL business case competition was also a big success.

The day 2 ended with a social event hosted by the Dramatics club of Iqra University called the “COMEDY EVE” which was managed by Mr.Mirza Rizwan.

Believe us, it was one fun comedy night. The comedy show displayed standup sessions and some really funny plays. There were more than 600 people who attended this night function.



Photo Credits – TECTIQS

TECTIQS 14 third day was the closing day of every event, the student body, the faculty and the participants felt happy for the success but also felt sad. But then the children of Pakistan Sweet home arrived at Iqra University and the crowd went crazy. There was a wind of joy and happiness that attached everyone to those kids. The faculty had a Futsal match with those kids and voila, Pakistan Sweet Home won. They also participated in the event, ACE Artist.

On the third day all the competitions came in their final rounds, there was a fashion show where the new designers were given a chance to exhibit their creative and unique designs.

An amazing car show was also exhibited at the last day, it was arranged by Mr.Akshaf Lohani. Though, this gathering was on a small scale it included some of the finest sports cars from Islamabad. With amazingly modified Suzuki Swift’s uplift models, two Toyota Corolla’s the 1980 model, two beautiful Mazda Rx7’s, three Mazda Rx8’s and a few others as well the crowd at TEQTIQS 14 really enjoyed every bit of it.


The day flew away quickly and it was the time for the closing ceremony. There was happiness of success but some sadness in the air because it was time to say Goodbye.

“We have been working since June and now it’s over, it is sad that time flew so quickly,” said a student from the event management department.

The third day ended with the closing ceremony in which Zamurd Khan a political member of Pakistan People’s Party came as the chief guest for distribution of  the prizes among the runner ups and winners.


Here is a list of the winners of different competitions:

  1. EPS – Federal Urdu
  2. Logic Bees – Federal Urdu
  3. MCI – FAST
  4. MATLAB – Air University
  5. Math-a-Matix – COMSATS WAH
  6. Speed Programming – RIPAH
  7. WEB – AQKhan University
  8. FIFA – Beacon House School
  10. Brain Drain – Iqra University ISB
  11. CSI – IMCB G10/4
  12. FUTSAL – IqraUni versity ISB
  13. Photography – HITEC Taxila
  14. AD Magic – RIMS
  15. Declamation – FAST
  16. DUMB Charades – HITEC
  17. Scenario Writing – HITEC Taxila
  18. Nautanki – UET Taxila
  19. Unplugged – Talah Butt

Photo Credit – TECTIQS


And so after the closing ceremony all the contestants, students and event management body bid their farewells to  TECTIQS 14 by flying candle lamps in the air.

Overall the experience of this event was amazing, which leaves us out of words, all we can say is that we are looking forward for TECTIQS 15 and the surprises which it has in store for us.

Note: Sorry if any of the competitions and the winners are missing from this list. If we missed any please send us a message about them and we will insert them here.




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