Renewable future of Pakistan

Written by Taimur Ahmad Khan

If we need to change, dialogues and proper discussions are required.2015 has been the year when climate discussions picked up steam and the year ended at climate conference at Paris where dignitaries and leaders from almost all of the nations and countries of the world gathered and presented their policies and INDCs.

Climate change is the critical issue and needed to be dealt accordingly, During Paris conference leaders, experts and analysts agreed on controlling their carbon emissions. Solar is meeting this growing demand to decarbonize our energy sources. Rooftop solar panels are the great source not only acting as an alternative source of energy but also contributing in economy by helping people to save electricity bills.

Solar increases grid resiliency and allows utilities to reduce infrastructure costs. The value that solar energy delivers is too commendable to turn back. If our transition to renewable energy is successful, we will achieve savings in the ongoing energy expenditures needed for economic production.

We can switch to renewable energy sources and to bring this change, we do not only require cost and regulations but the change in attitudes and expectations is required to change the way we live. Several organizations have already formulated plans of transitioning to renewable energy and started implementing on them. We all know that we need to inculcate solar and wind energy for this transition and for this purpose we would require a large number of panels and turbines.

If our government focuses and finance these areas, we can easily reduce carbon emissions to quite an extent. Pakistan being a developing country badly needs foreign investments and development of policies to encounter energy crisis issues and to step towards the transition to renewable future. Being part of youth, this approach needs to be inculcated and concern for the environment and sustainable future needs to be triggered amongst them.

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