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Kolachi Restaurant

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Kolachi Restaurant is known to be the soul of Karachi. It is an absolutely magical venue, sitting on a big wooden wharf extending on to the Arabian Sea. The whole restaurant in entirely made of wood. With dim spot lights being the cherry on top of the astonishing view. The oak wood gives the restaurant a very simple, yet a posh ambiance as it fits perfectly well with the magnificent sight.


From the breathtaking view to the luscious food. Everything about this restaurant is simply amazing and worth visitng. You can have every kind of meal category here from: Italian, Chinese, French, South Asian and of course their special BBQ menu.

I have simply no words to explain, how incredibly delicious their Peshawari karhai and malai tikka was. The food is served while it’s sizzling hot even though there is a lot of sea breeze, but they still make sure that the food is served hot, which is a plus point. And for any reason by the time you start eating your food and it gets cold then they replace it for you free of cost without a question ( b( that doesn’t mean you take advantage of their generosity).



The most impressive factor about this restaurant and its services is how they maintain 100% hygiene throughout the kitchen. When we arrived at the restaurant the tables were packed and we had to wait for about 30 minutes (which is considered a very short time for Kolachi.

During my wait time I was able to observe how their service was being conducted. Shortly we were seated at the sea front. While the view was very pleasing, we gave our order. The order hardly took 15 minutes to come, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind waiting for an hour for the delicious food which they serve. It doesn’t all end with the food.

Every 5­10 minutes a member of the staff would come and ask in an extremely friendly manner if everything was okay or if we needed anything extra. I have to say this that they made us feel very special and provided remarkable services.

kolachi restaurant

After paying the bill which was very reasonable as compared to the experience we had. We all got up thinking that’s it for the day. Just as we got to the door a staff member came up to us and asked about our experience and what we believe they can improve on. At that moment I seriously couldn’t think of anything better than what they had already provided me with. We thanked them for their service and left with a big smile on our face.

Honestly speaking, I would like to  say that Kolachi is the best restaurant in Karachi and if you haven’t tried this place till now, you got to plan a dinner over there soon. In my opinion Kolachi is the best thing that happened to Karachi. Simply loved the place!

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