How to live a Healthy Life

Written by Rubina Mirza

How to live a Healthy Life

How healthy are you? Are you having a proper diet? Or are you having 8 glasses of water in a day? Are you taking care of yourself hygienically? Are you sleeping well in a day according to proper hours?



If you are not, then I have some following tips for you to be hygienic and Healthy.

Drink More Water

60% of our body is made up of water, but mostly we don’t drink enough water regularly, that’s not good for our body functions because water runs our body functions and its essential for us, we can’t afford to avoid water regularly.



Meditation always calms your mind and relaxes your soul; you can meditate by Exercise, working out different parts of your body, by eating more fruits and by picking the best enjoyable exercise for yourself.


Love Yourself

Do you love yourself? that is an essential task you have to do for a better healthy life, if you are not doing this, then you can by

1. Barefoot Walkling/Running

2. Purge negative people from your life


3. Throw out negativity from yourself

4. Never bother unhappy thoughts

5. Avoid trigger foods


Quit Soda


Soda is totally unhealthy and causes for weight gain, so you must have to cut off all types of soda from your life. Instead of soda, use healthy fruit juices to be perfectly hygienic.

Have Healthy Snacks

If you are feeling hungry during working hours, then avoid cookies nad candy bars, use fresh fruits, vegetables and juices etc, that will be more healthy snacks for you.


Get Enough Sleep 

Lack of sleeping causes premature aging, and nobody wants this. So sleep well to be healthy that is an essential part of you health to take a proper sleep daily.



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