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Frosty Terrace – The Happening Place In Town!

Written by Anum Sharf

I’m not the kind of person who would visit every restaurant or café when it comes to food. A few months back, I have been seeing a new restaurant suggestion in my Newsfeed. Noticing that a few friends have liked the restaurant page and already paid them a visit, I asked their opinion about the lounge. The answer they gave was satisfactory enough for me to pay a visit to Frosty Terrace.

Located in Bahria Town, Phase 4, Civic Centre, the restaurant is pretty cool and interesting; it’s the kind of place that gives you a comfortable feeling without any age restrictions. I felt that the lounge is suitable for both families and youngsters, plus the lounge is divided into three different sections:

  • Friends and Family Café area
  • Dining/Restaurant area
  • Common Café area

So you see there is plenty of space in the restaurant and they can accommodate every category of customers in a suitable area. Fashioning currents by and forth, Frosty Terrace is no more a new-found restaurant and within a few months it has earned a good reputation, which I believe is the main reason why people like to visit this place again and again.



Single storied creatively designed the café has comfortable seating places. It has a single floor with the capacity  of accommodating around 50 people at a time. Furthermore, they have a terrace area which is not too big, but rightly said ‘it is well decorated’. Bright colored wallpapers and wall art around the restaurant makes it look appealing and comfy.


Food Experience

With the changing of seasons, the carte du jour (menu) is also altered as per the customer likings. Moreover, being a classy vegetarian or a meat-lover, you will get an extensive assortment of pan-oriental. From fast food, Chinese, Asian fusion, burgers and sandwiches, Italian, Seafood and Steaks, you just name it and they have it on their menu.

My Order

 11013587_943759615646367_1120812102796145790_nStarter – Hummus: Absolutely loved it, the taste of ground chickpeas mixed with tahini and topped with olive oil, served with fresh homemade pita bread was delicious.

Main Course – Fish Fingers: I love seafood but I’m very choosy and don’t try it from every restaurant, on a suggestion of a friend I tried Frosty Terrace Fish Finger and I instantly knew it this was the right place for dining. The fish was perfectly breaded and cooked, it tastes delicious and is served with a side dip (tartar sauce or sour yogurt).

Drink – Lemon Fresh Mint: Frizzy drinks have a lot of calories, so my preference is flavored water and Lemon Mint is the best detoxing beverage.  For me presentation matters a lot, and at Frosty Terrace I noticed that no matter what you order, big or small they present it in a desirable manner and the same case was with my Lemon Mint it came in an appealing glass with a piece of lemon on the side and mint leaves.

Dessert – Mint Ice-cream: Though I wish they served Ice-Gola, but sadly it was not on the menu, so I ended up trying the Mint Ice-Cream which was also good for me.

Our Verdict

Tmaxresdefaulthe entire restaurant is simply amazing, it feels that the owner of the restaurant has understood the desires of the customers and then made the place. It is a budget friendly restaurant and wasn’t too expensive. The food is delicious and not to forget they serve SHISHA the absolute love of every person these days, one Shisha is good enough for 3-4 people. The overall ambience and music selection of the lounge is pretty relaxing. So give it a try and tell us about your experience.


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