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Café Riverwood – How I Ended Up Dining There?

Written by Anum Sharf

Café Riverwood reminds me one of those modern day nightclubs. Located around the corner of 33C, Phase 6 DHA, Karachi, this café is one of the recent additions to a huge list of thriving shisha lounges in Karachi. My plan to visit this café was a pretty old one, but it took me a complete year to visit it due to my busy schedule (lolz).

So what is my opinion about it? Let me be honest with you, before visiting I came across a few reviews which made me skeptical about paying them a visit, but as it is said you must not judge something on other people’s judgment. Here is my overall opinion about the café:

Cafe Riverwood karachi


(Rated 4-5)

The location of the café is good; it is spread over two storeys and can easily manage around more than sixty people. The dark interior of the café soaked in shades of blue and yellow lights gives this café a bold touch. The leather club sofas offer comfortable seating. The distance between each table defines that the owner has taken care of the privacy of his customers. The loud sound system plays music full of  the latest hip hop and party jams, though the sound is way too loud which makes talking to each other impossible, but it’s a perfect hangout for those who just want to enjoy each other’s presence with food, music and smoke.

Cafe Riverwood Karachi

Food Experience

(Rated 4-5)

The menu is pretty extensive; Café Riverwood offers a wide range of food items. There is something for everyone from soups, appetizers, nutritious salads, steaks, fast-food, Italian to BBQ. You will find something on the menu that will excite you.

Cafe Riverwood

My Order

(Rated 5-5)

 Starter –Chicken Quesadillas: I heard a lot about their quesadillas, so I thought of giving it a try. The quesadillas were perfectly made and the sauces served with it (salsa and sour cream) were definitely better than what many other cafes have to offer (sometimes they even forget offering). The sour cream has the right amount of lemon juice which tasted delicious.

Cafe Riverwood KarachiMain Course –Black Pepper Steak: This dish not only looks good, it also tastes great. I must admit my taste has changed over a few months and I’m more into meaty food. This was the first time I tried pepper steak, normally, I like to order mushroom steak. The moment I sliced the first piece I knew that it was perfectly cooked, as I didn’t have to fight with it. The meat was ideally seasoned, the side vegetables were also good and the mashed potato was awesome.

I no longer like to drink beverages so didn’t try any. But I think their mocktails are good as the group of girls next to my table seem to be having a good time with their drinks.

DessertChocolate Brownie: Their chocolate brownie with ice-cream is heaven, there is no other way I can describe it, except this that it is absolutely delicious.

Chocolate Brownie

Our Verdict

Our verdict is, go and try it today, I didn’t find any reason to say that it’s not worth trying. The ambience, the location, the food, everything is good, also the prices are not that high so they won’t leave your pocket empty. So select a day gather some friends or just give yourself a treat, spend a day at Café Riverwood and share your experience with us in the comments below.




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