“Phir Mili Tanhai” By Zoe Viccaji Striking Pictorial But Unexceptional Music

Written by Anum Sharf

The pop singer Zoe Viccaji new song “Phir Milli Tanhai” leaves you in a very gloomy mood, the song is from her first appearance album “Dareeche” and was previouZoe Viccajisly expected to be released on 18th August, but is now scheduled to be released on September 1, 2014.

 The video direction of this song is done by Adnan Malik – who formerly also directed Viccajis very first marketable single “Mera Bichra Yar” – on the other hand the planning, music production and recording is completed by Shahi Hasan, at Indus World Music Studio.

 In an interview, Zoe Viccaji was asked that what inspired her to write “Phir Milli Tanhai”, she specified that “Phir Milli Tanhai” was the actual first song she has ever inscribed, stirred by an actual relationship.

Sadly, the big picture is that the song’s tune is platitude (not extraordinary) and overall it’s quite a washout knowing how the vocalist has mellowed in regards of her singing.

If we take a look back, on Coke Studio Season 6 Viccaji sang “Ishq Kinara” as a highlighted artist, the intensity and flexibility you will find in “Ishq Kinara” was seen nowhere in “Phir Milli Tanhai”. Even songs which she had sung earlier like “Yeh Dil Kyun Mera” from Josh and “Jo Chaho” were far more interesting to hear, than “Phir Milli Tanhai” her recent release.

There is also another problem with the song, it seems to be overproduced and has been misdirected from the song’s essence. I can imagine myself listening to this song a simplenice melodious tune, more original without any special sound effects on Viccaji’s voice.

The video, nonetheless, is well directed and attention grabbing, starring Viccaji as the main character who is going tDareechehrough various sentiments and involvements. From a lively lassie who is crazily in love, then she gradually understands her relation is not the same as before and is breaking apart and tries her best to sort it out. The video is captivating and charming.

So if we talk about Zoe Viccaji acting there is certainly no doubt in this that the girl can perform– she has formerly presented in many musical stage plays like Mama Mia and Chicago. Both these shows are the cement to her huge on-screen occurrence. In the video Viccaji has nailed and looks like the million dollar girl.

So here is the main question will “Phir Milli Tanhai” lock a position on my playlist? Well, yes it will, for say around 30-40 days but not more than that. Cheers!

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