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Beauty Tips That Won’t Break The Bank

Written by Anum Sharf

Learning a cheap beauty secret is like unearthing a lost treasure because it’s affordable and anyone can try it! Here are some beauty tips that are worth trying and cost effective.

Soften Skin

Inexpensive beauty tips can be cheap and easy! Take this super simple beauty tip to add some olive oil to your bath water. If you’re out of bath salts or other additions for the bath, all you need is some olive oil and you’ll turn a regular old bath into a skin softening treatment.

Custom Colour

You know how your skin color changes throughout the year? This budget beauty tip helps you to change the color of your face makeup without having to buy a new shade every season. Simply add a dab of gel bronzer to your regular foundation and it’ll instantly warm up your face to match your tanned skin!

Line It Up

Achieving the perfect cat eye can be extremely difficult! Here’s a cheap beauty secret that makes lining eyes easier, use a business card as guide to create a perfect line! Simply close your eyes, line up the business card or sticky note at upward angle and follow the time!

Soft Scrub

Don’t go out and buy scrubs when you can make your very own! Use coconut oil or olive oil and mix it with brown or white sugar to create your own all-natural body and lip scrub. Both types of oil will moisturize your skin while the sugar will gently exfoliate your skin for so much less!

Red Hair Rinse

There are so many beautiful shades of red and I found a budget beauty tip to keep red hair vibrant with cranberry juice! Pour some cranberry juice on your hair, let it sit for at least 5 minutes and rinse out. Cranberry juice can also be used on other hair colors to add sheen but if you have light colored hair, it could turn your hair pink, so beware.

Create New Lip Color

If you’re like many women out there, you probably have tons of half-used lipsticks you don’t use anymore. Why not save some space and money by combining those colors to make new lip color? The next time you feel like trying a new color, scoop out your old lipsticks and melt them in the microwave. Mix whatever colors you want and pour them into a tin and you’ve got a custom color.

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