7 Mouth Watering Roti Recipes For Midnight Snackers

Written by Anum Sharf

Rotis or Chapatis are made in every Pakistani house, if not made at home one can easily purchase them from the naan shops open at almost every commercial area of a locality. Even though it’s not treated as something very important, just imagine what happens if it disappears from our dinner tables?

Imagining Daal and Chicken Karahi without roti is horrible for me. Believe me, there are so many delicious recipes that you can simply make from leftover or fresh Chapatis. Here are the top seven roti recipes which I find delicious and interesting to make from leftover chapatis:

1. Roti Burrito

Looking for some Mexican food, well you don’t have to go far for it; head for your kitchen make a chapati and top it with anything that suits your taste buds – mayonnaise, ketchup, qeema (minced meat), veggies and cheese. Put it in the microwave for grilling and wait till the timer goes “Ting”.

2. Chapati Chips


Did anyone say, chips? Well, I’m sure the very sound of chips would have made your mouth water, but I’m not talking about crispy potato fries, I’m talking about chapati chips, you must try it with a nice yogurt and cucumber dip, here is the recipe.

3. Roti Noodles


A hot plate of delicious noodles is just the perfect midnight snack, but what if I told you that adding chapati’s can make it tastier and healthier for you, I’m sure you will definitely give it a shot, here is the simple recipe.

4. Chapati Pizza


Who says No to pizza? Well, ladies here is the most amazing dish, I found so far that you can easily make from Chapati and yes, it’s an all-rounder everyone in the family would love it. So what do you say let’s cook Chapati Pizza tonight here is your recipe for it.

5. Roti Quesadillas


When not in the mood for Italian then try the Mexican! Yup, you can make Mexican food with Chapati. Enjoy this amazing quesadillas chapati version in your home; just make sure you have a lot of cheese in your fridge. Follow the recipe and enjoy.

6. Chapati Cutlet


A warm cutlet with a nice dip or plain ketchup is always welcomed by every age group. So whether you have sudden guests for tea or you want to enjoy a nice snack while watching “The Conjuring” all you need is a chapati cutlet, follow the recipe and you will love every bite of it.

7. Cheesy Roti Cigar


Any dish that has cheese in it is a winner for me always. And cheesy roti cigars, is a one amazing dish which I love to eat with chili garlic ketchup. Here is the recipe make some for yourself and share the experience with us.







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